There are moments as an artist where you hit a block. You cannot write nor compose songs.

Do not panic, you are not alone. Even the very best have faced the dreaded ‘writers block’.

The good news is you can overcome it.

Follow our tips and get back on track. You got this!


1 Take a break

You are probably overworking yourself and your energy is drained. Take a short break or the weekend off to relax.


2 Hang out with friends and family

Hanging out with friends can bring the needed inspiration. When you are just having fun, that is when you create magic. You might see something that inspires you. For example, a young kid hawking in traffic can help you write a song about hustling or child labour. Another example, a song playing at the mall or restaurant can inspire a new and catchy song. The examples are endless so go out there and have fun


3 Travel

Traveling is a good way to gain new experiences and learn about new cultures. You do not have to break bank or travel abroad. Perhaps you can visit another state or even a local community. The idea is to change environment and see how people live. This will help bring inspiration.


4 Listen to other artists

You can draw inspiration from other artists. Be cautious here as you do not want to copy rather you get ideas on how you can plan a hook, chorus, verse or even beat.


5 Write points

You may have an idea of what you want to sing about but you are not sure of how to put the words together. Do not fret. Write it down in points (bullet). As you begin to write, the words will flow and next thing you know, the lyrics are ready to go.


6 Break it down

Back in secondary school, the english teacher would say “break your project topic down”. This applies to song writing. When you feel overwhelmed and confused, take a deep breath and break it down. Write the chorus first or work on the verses. The key here is to break things down and handle them in bits.


7 Read

Reading is a great way to gain inspiration. You could read a book or a quote. Anything that interests you. Do you know an advert on a newspaper can give inspiration? Even something as simple as an instagram caption can inspire you. Read read read.


8 Listen to audio books or podcasts

If you are not a fan of reading then this is for you. Make use of audio books and podcasts. You can draw inspiration from them. If you do not know where to start, ask yourself “what are my interests”. Do you love history? science? romance? or biographies? Whatever you decide, be sure to have fun and break tasks/idea down.


9 Decide on what you want to write about

What type of song do you want to write? RnB? Hip Hop? Afro Pop? Deciding the song ‘genre’ keeps you focused.


10 Learn

Truth is no one knows it all. We are constantly learning and evolving. Take courses on song writing. Learn new techniques and try them out.




To be the best, you have to practice and remain consistent. Write down anything that comes to mind. No phrase or word is useless. Write it down. It will be useful.

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