For beginners and professionals alike, stage presence is extremely important.

How you make your audience feel is just as important as how you sound. Many performers forget that people have both ears AND eyes!

If you can appeal to all the senses, you will have a career set for life.


Capitalize on your uniqueness

Write down things that make you unique (maybe 20 things). Pick the top 5 things on that list, and exaggerate them. See performers like Niniola, Beyonce, Madonna, Fela Kuti, etc.

Take up a lot of space

Do not spend the entire show in front of the microphone. Move around, interact with the audience and your bandmates. Have fun!

Pick the right outfit

Your stage energy and outfit need to match up. Coming across as “larger than life” will make the show seem even more important for the audience. Please be conscious of your shoes…ensure you do not wear shoes that are worn out!

Involve the crowd

The more you draw an audience in, the more invested they will be.

Make sure to have eye contact with the crowd as much as possible. Draw them in with your gaze.

Make sure you’re connecting with the whole crowd though, not just two or three people.

Record your performance

Next time you perform, get someone to record it.

Have a friend of the band set up a camera in the back of the venue. A few days after the show, sit down and watch it. What do you see?

Is your body language clear?

Does it match the music?

Is every member of the band interacting?

Do you look confident and energetic?

Don’t be afraid of what you might see. It will be uncomfortable. But you’ll undoubtedly be better for it!


Understand the audience

They came to your show to be entertained. Get out of your head and give them what they want and then some.

Ask yourself:

What can you do to make sure their eyes don’t go off you for a second?

What can you do to increase the impact of the lyrics?

Asking yourself these types of questions should help you come up with new ideas for your stage presence.



Practicing is the number one way to build confidence. And confidence is the number one way to put on a great show.

You should try to play some small shows to get experience. Can you keep a crowd of 15 people invested and entertained? That’s harder than a crowd of 2,000 but with much lower stakes.


The crowd will only be as enthusiastic as you are!

So go into the small shows and your practices with the same energy and confidence as your big shows. You’ll get the audience on your side in no time.


Source: Musician on a mission



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