If you are thinking of working on a Single or an EP but you do not know where to start, do not fret. Follow the steps below and remember to have fun and create magic!


Pick a release date

Decide on the date you want to release your Single or EP. It is advisable to work with a date that is three months in advance.


Pick the title

A great title is guaranteed to capture the audience. Take your time here and decide the title that best suits your EP or Single.


Design an ‘Awesome’ Cover Art/Photography

The cover is as important as the title. You need to create an image/graphic that captures the audience and makes them curious. If you have a limited budget, you can hire a (graphic) freelancer on popular sites like Fiverr.


Decide on how you want to promote your EP or Single

Your music will not promote itself. You have to decide how you want to get it out there. Here are some suggestions:

  • Announce on social media
  • Send emails to fans on your mailing list
  • Pay popular influencers to promote or trend your song
  • Create a challenge (example: IJO OWO Challenge)
  • Promote on social media via ads
  • Use popular/trending hashtags on social media to promote your song. Be cautious here as too many hashtags can get your account suspended or shadowbanned.


EP or Single is a promotional tool, QUALITY should be the number one thing on your mind. Well designed cover art or high-quality photograph is advised. Do not forget, your recording should be of high quality.

Lastly, decide if you want to give it away for free or make some money from it.


Final words

Resist the urge to copy other artists. Your EP or Single should stand out from the crowd.

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